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The Kahlil Gibran International Speakers Tour

25 Sep 2018


“Love is a quenchless thirst” 

The Kahlil Gibran International Speakers Tour COMING SOON!


Poet and painter Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931), best known for his most prized work “The Prophet,” has left an undeniable legacy that places him in the upper echelons of world literature, a champion of human rights, and a forerunner of peace and reconciliation.    

A painter who became a poet, his short life was often driven by a “quenchless thirst” to create artistic expression as a mouthpiece to foray subjects that highlighted the cries of humanity, the oneness in being, and the understanding of our collective journey as not separate, but unified by the path of the spirit.    

Reading between the lines of his pen and brush, tracing his global footprints, and providing context to his life and work, international Kahlil Gibran scholars Tania June Sammons, Francesco Medici, and Glen Kalem embark on a worldwide speakers tour sharing their knowledge and expertise in Kahlil Gibran. Using historic images and video footage, the trio will bring Gibran to life and give insight into his art, his relationship with his friend and supporter Mary Haskell, and explain his impact on the world. 

Considered leading authorities on Kahlil Gibran, Sammons, Medici, and Kalem have presented extensively on their subjects, and their award-winning work is represented in many publications, and on film. 

For more information or to book an event in your city or town please forward your email to info@kahlilgibran.com