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Glen Kalem      2 Apr 2014

Worlds first comprehensive bibliography on Kahlil Gibran

MEDIA RELEASE  April 3rd 2014


By Kahlil Gibran International Forum and News

Written by Glen Kalem

Contact: info@gibranfilm.com prophetposter2014

The Kahlil Gibran Chair for Values and Peace announced today the creation of an international research project to compile a comprehensive bibliography of the work published by or on Gibran in different languages.

The Chair has universally established itself as the most reliable academic institution regarding the scholarship of Kahlil Gibran through the creation of the International Association for the Study of the Life and Works of Kahlil Gibran.

A detailed description of this project will soon be published and language editors throughout the world will be appointed to build a solid foundation for a scholarly and reliable bibliography in the next 3 years.

For more information please contact the office of Professor Suheil Bushrui at the Maryland University sbushrui@umd.edu