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Twelve books in one omnibus edition: The Prophet, The Wanderer, Sand and Foam, The Madman, The Forerunner, The Earth Gods, Nymphs of the Valley, Tears and Laughter, Between Night and Morn, Secrets of the Heart, Spirits Rebellious, The Broken Wings.

Tags: betweennightandmorn, Forerunner, Madman, nymphsofthevalley, Prophet, sandandfoam, SecretsofTheHeart, SpiritsRebellious, tearsandlaughter, thebrokenwings, theearthgods, Wanderer

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Ālihat al-arḍ [The Earth Gods], Translated into Arabic by Anṭūniyūs Bashīr, Miṣr: al-Maṭba‘ah al-‘Aṣrīyah, 1932.

Tags: 1932, antuniyusbashir, theearthgods

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K. Gibran, Arzi Devta [The Earth Gods], Translated into Urdu, Lahore: Urdu Mahal, 1951.
Tags: 1951, theearthgods, translation, Urdu

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Gibran’s final work to be published in his lifetime was The Earth Gods (1931). He had mentioned it to Haskell in 1915 as the prologue to a play in English; it seems to have been largely completed the following year and thus belongs to the period just before al-Mawakib. It is a debate among three gods: the first speaks for pessimism; the second defends the potential for transcendence of the human world, and the third reconcile the positions of the other two.

Tags: 1931, knopf, theearthgods