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Elisa Roncalli, "Kahlil Gibran, il profeta del dialogo tra fedi e culture: Intervista a Francesco Medici", L’Eco di Bergamo, Giovedì 5 Gennaio 2023, p. 34.

Tags: 2023, interview, italian, TheProphet

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Henri Zoghaib, "Hadha al-Rajul min Lubnan", Lebanese American University (LAU), 2021.

Tags: 2021, arabic, BarbaraYoung, Gibran, HenriZoghaib, study, ThisManFromLebanon, translation

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Mirrors of Heritage, Special Issue, 20th Anniversary, The Center for Lebanese Heritage, Lebanese American University (LAU), 2202-2022.
Tags: 2022, arabic, conference, English, Gibran, magazine, MirrorsofHeritage

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Kahlil Gibran, "Lazarus and His Beloved - The Blind", introduction and translation into Arabic by Henri Zoghaib, 2019.

Tags: 2019, arabic, Blind, Gibran, HenriZoghaib, lazarus, translation