Kahlil Gibran Collective

The Kahlil Gibran Gallery Ltd. (KGGL) 

Our Mission: To create the first-ever permanent Kahlil Gibran exhibition gallery, outside of Lebanon celebrating the life and works of the renowned Lebanese-American poet, philosopher, and artist. Our aim is to attract visitors from across Australia and around the world, becoming a global destination for art, literature, and philosophy enthusiasts.

Gibran Exhbition Wall

What We Offer:

  • A prestigious gallery showcasing Kahlil Gibran's original artwork and artifacts, on loan from the Gibran Museum of Lebanon and various international collections, with rotating exhibitions.
  • A dedicated center for the study, research, and appreciation of Gibran's life, works, and legacy.
  • An active participant in international research initiatives, including exhibitions, publications, and educational forums, in collaboration with affiliated institutions.
  • A leading authority on the life, works, and legacy of Kahlil Gibran.

Our Vision: The Kahlil Gibran Gallery Ltd. aims to:

  • Gain recognition as a world-class gallery for literature and artwork by Kahlil Gibran. 
  • Establish a center for preserving, restoring, and exhibiting Gibran artifacts and artwork.
  • Organize events celebrating Kahlil Gibran's life, work, and legacy.
  • Secure ongoing funding and achieve Direct Gift Recipient status for tax-exempt donations.
  • Acquire artwork and artifacts through purchases and donations, to be housed and owned by the gallery.
  • Develop the gallery to meet national and international museum standards.

Key Milestones:

  • Form a Steering Committee and Board to guide the development of KGGL.
  • Draft a constitution governing the Board and KGGL operations.
  • Establish a Code of Ethics.
  • Secure ongoing funding from private and government sources.
  • Identify a suitable, secure central location for the gallery.
  • Exhibit artifacts and artworks in an environmentally controlled, secure space to prevent loss and damage.
  • Mitigate risk and liability.
  • Operate the gallery at a profit.

Current Board : 

Executive Director - Glen Kalem-Habib